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Spa Etiquette


Upon arrival, all guests remove their shoes and use hand sanitizer (and turn off their phones/smart devices). For in-person sessions, clients are asked to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before their appointment to allow for check-in. Due to the high volume of appointments, we are unable to extend a late arrival’s scheduled service. Late arrivals will receive the remaining available appointment time, to not inconvenience following guests, and will be charged in full.


To keep our healing sanctuary a tranquil environment and to avoid interruptions, we ask that all electronic devices (including smartwatches) be turned off (not on vibrate) and put away. We also ask that guests do not remain in the treatment rooms past their session times unless given permission by a BODY MIND SALT staff member.


We reserve the right to cancel an appointment if a guest is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To experience our services' full benefits, we recommend that drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are not consumed before or during your sessions. Please notify our staff if you are under the care of a physician for any severe illnesses or are pregnant. While we do our best to keep a scent-free and hypoallergenic environment, you may be subjected to essential oils, incense, teas, herbs, flowers, or plants. If you have allergies or sensitivities, please notify our staff before your session.


We understand that life happens. If you need to cancel an appointment, we will gladly reschedule your treatment or give you a refund in full if the cancellation is made 24 hours before your appointment. Since we are a small business and have a limited number of appointments available, we are unable to refund cancellations made within 24 hours. You may cancel your session online through your confirmation email or contact us directly. Please note that once an appointment is booked - unless we hear otherwise - we’ll expect you to be there. Missed appointments will be charged in full to the card number with which they were held. In the rare event that our equipment for the Floatation Therapy, Salt Cave Halotherapy, and Infrared Sauna treatments need to be serviced, we will notify you as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.

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